Thursday, November 19, 2009


Hello Friends-
I want to tell you about a brand new Program for goal setting called that has to do with state of the art knowledge designed by my friend Alex Reynolds who is an author/accountant/real estate mogul. You need to know the techniques written in this E-Book on how to 'Sell Yourself to A Six Figure-Income'.You can start from nothinng, because " Nothing maybe something,its depends on who you are and how look at it."
Alex is also a business developer & personal coach,she discovered this engenius way to help other people get uplift to their success through personal accountability and the writing process and just plain hardwork.
I completely encourage you to check out this personal goal setting program I am the posterchild for this E-book and I am giving you something of great value that comes from a smorgasbord from a collection of an exspensive library you can't get anywhere else in the world. You will be instructed and challenged to design & create your own book of
in accountabilty and metamorphisis of your life and relationship with money and philosophies.
This is created for you to get in touch with your talents & abilties & skills we all possess if we are willing to self -explore .Learn to express yourself in a genuine way.I encourage you to self -educate yourself in these times of budget cuts to our higher education.
" A highly intelligent woman will educate her entire family" Astronmer/scholar, Ana Tipton
I will personally guide you through the process and give biofeedback to you for the writing process.Please comment me in the suggestion box ,I will respond promptly, there are many versions
techniques you still don't know you can benefit from this sooo much ,please don't give up on yourself and self-exploration , we all innately have twenty-two talents and skills. Find out what the writing arts are for and use them. These are tools given to you by your teachers. You cannot live without this program and you will not expand your ideas and motivation from a harder edge of self-learning."Nothing is gained easily and appreciating what you have earned is an delicate artform".
So grab a pencil & paper & take the plunge into he writing process with me and get real about on master the literate self through personal goal setting.It can't happen unless you write.

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