Monday, November 23, 2009

Goals In LIfe

This is an excerpt from my journal:

I have come along way since Jan. of 2011, when I decided to cut loose everything I ever worked for. It was plainly and simlpy a bad decision obviously,because I was under the influence.I do regret the decisions I made for myself and my daughter in a rash&unthoughtful way. Part of the problem was that I was going against the universal Laws of the Secret.Mostly this was the reason why sooo much was back firing on me.It seemed to be the Universe was granting my wish yet I would turn around and shoot myself in the foot.I had soo much and I wasn't using my reasources the right way. I actually had a misconcieved idea that I should make other peoples lives better,actually people who don't want that from me or even asked me, rule #1 going against the grain of The Secret is not right. THAT, right there got me into more trouble than I care to think about.

While I was in the midst of loosing my beautiful home and awesome brand new truck that was paid off, I was bound to fall from grace at some point.I basically keep my enemy close which was a huge mistake!!So close I brought them into my home and gave the keys to me trauck and access to my money,as they had worse intentions than I could imagine.I was doing substances with them and low &behold they came back to bite me on the ass and burn me. I knew better too.Only because they did the same exact thing to me twice before.

I am so tready to get past this idiotic move on my part. I am have potential to be greater than what I am ,with had practice. I want to overcome my shortcomings and transgress to higher learning,mentally,spititually,physically..I want to prepare my homelife in case of a natuaral diaster strikes for instance get some no perishables in my closet with about 6 gallons of water,candles,lighters,ham radio,CB radio for my car.

I also am looking retirement funding to supplement my Social Security so I am not broke when I grow old and I can shop and travel the way I wish and be happy.Be able to move or buy funiture & buy the car of my choice and always have extra cash. Help my mom in a emergency stuff like that.I want to be as healthy as I can be physically,loose all of this weight, attend college and get BS in Fine Arts. Go into some modeling and build a portfolio.

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